Maker Faire Recap

Maker Faire was amazing and exhausting at the same time. We worked at our booth in the Expo Hall the whole day, and ended up handing out more than 3,000 business cards for the D.Bug Model Kits!! Lots of people loved the D.Bugs and some even wanted to buy the apron (if you are one of them, contact us!). Here are some pictures from both days.

6:30 AM arrival on the first day. Got a great parking spot, woohoo!


Here’s our booth before the crowd arrived in the morning.

Sean and Melisa pose with the robot masks!

We demonstrated how the Cookie Bot works.


MF2      MF3

Photo Bot was also a big hit! “4…3…2…1…Excellent!”


We even received Maker Faire Editor’s Choice award!


Stayed tuned for a post on the most amusing Photo Bot pictures.