D.Bug Model Kits

UPDATE (06/12/2013)
Unfortunately, we were not able to reach our Kickstarter campaign goal and so we are unable to produce the D.Bug Model Kits. Thank you for your continued support and we will let you know when our re-launch will be in the coming months. Please stay up to date on our progress on Facebook! Please tell your friends and family about us in the meantime to help us spread the joy of D.Bug Model Kits with everyone.

Thank you,

Robot Brigade

Dear Friends,

Thank you in advance for supporting the D.Bug Kit by Robot Brigade. You are awesome! We hope you enjoy constructing it as much as we do. We only have 24 days left to complete our goal. We’ll need your help to be successful. Please help us spread the word with 3 easy clicks!

Thank you so much,
Robot Brigade

Born from the procrastination of electrical engineering undergraduates, D.Bugs are constructed by soldering together electronic components. Each kit includes an instruction manual, electronic components, decals, and a specimen jar.

The story of D.Bugs:

Everyday, thousands of programmers search their code for errors they call bugs. Only the most elusive bugs will escape…and make it to you, the users. Construct your own D.Bug and trap it inside a jar. We found three nasty D.Bugs for you to reproduce: Watch Dog, Grand Cappy, and Memory Hog. Build all the D.Bugs and put an end to their shenanigans.

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